Prof. M.A.Majeed Khan
Until City Nursing Home was opened in 1970 , for providing private treatment for the care of mentally sick, people were not aware that such patients could be managed privately. Since then the stigma regarding mental patients has been getting reduced. Dr. M.A. Majeed Khan, the founder Psychiatrist of the nursing home is proud to day, because people do not feel embarrassed to come.

Dr. Majeed Khan undertook massive public awareness programmes to make people aware about mental illness. His campaign to reduce stigma continues to remain vigorous even after more than three decades, which he commenced immediately after his return from England with a mission and vision to introduce psycho education for masses and modern psychiatric treatment in open hospital as was practiced in the advanced world.

Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee, visited the only private nursing home in India, to see how patients are treated in private setting. He came as a member of the select committee which was monitoring mental health legislation in the parliament.

Dr Majeed Khan even now regularly contributes a Sunday column on psychiatric diseases, which is very much appreciated in India and abroad. He has printed many informative booklets which are distributed free of cost.

He emphasized on treatment with the consent of the patient and that can be done with education about mental disorders like any physical illness.

The nursing home is like a therapeutic community and other patients and their families help each other to share their experiences. >

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                 City Nursing Home, the oldest private psychiatric set up of Hyderabad, was started by Dr M. A. Majeed Khan. It has been serving the needs of mentally disturbed people from Hyderabad and all districts of Nizam area. Patients also visit from coastal andhra, neighboring states in south and other parts of india. Patients also come from abroad for consultation. It is located on the main road of Himayath Nagar in the heart of city, and easy to reach from all parts of the city. It has been the only centre serving needs of people for over four decades.

                 Dr.Mrs.Aban Daver and Dr.Mrs.D.Khan have been dedicatedly managing the nursing home since its foundation and also it has been a launching pad for many young psychiatrists.

                 To name a few of them Dr.G.Prasad Rao, a popular psychiatrist from the city and Dr.B.Raj Shekar, the editor of A.P Journal of Psychological Medicine.

Prof.M A MAJEED KHAN F.R.C,PSY.(London)&F.R.A.N.Z.,C.P.(Australia) Visiting Consultant Psychiatrist

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